17 May 2012


      Fashion is the trend of nowadays women.

Women are caring about fashion more than caring about gaining information or knowledgement. The first impression you take about someone is the outer appearance, the look. "She is fashionable" this is our first statement when we see a lady or "she is not stylish". So the interest in fashion increased.

You see "x" is wearing something makes you laugh, why???? Because what's she wearing is silly, in her opinion she is trendy even though she looks like a clown. We like to be fashionable to the extent that the fashion suits our traditions, environment, our body shape and our age.

We should take into consideration all those issues when we choose our clothes.

I had lived in Saudi Arabia for many years. A lot of money spent for clothes. Woman there is ready to pay imaginary amount of money for a dress from Christian Dior or sunglasses from Chanel.

For me, I really like famous brands which follow the latest fashion putting into consideration my budget. It's ok to wear from famous brand but be logical at the same time.

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