17 May 2012

Bribery and Corruption

Bribery and corruption are the main characteristics of our suites those days.

If you go anywhere all over the country holding your formal paper to stamp or to be signed from an officer

The bribe should be one his most important part of your paper.

To finish your officer procedures or to fasten them or to skip over laws you should pay the bribe   . The bribe becomes a law what a funny law   !!!

Bribe interferes all the domains, the port, the politics, the official affairs.

To win match you pay for the referee, to win a political race you pay for the electors, to complete an official affair you should pay to the official

The bribe becomes something essential, hence the corruption speared over all our country

Every president in chary, one of his main points his agenda is to get rid of bribery and corruption.

After how many days this issue is faded from the agenda and becomes, from the forgotten.


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