12 Mar 2012

Teaching skills

         Teaching skills are one of the aspects of the preparation of the teacher. Therefore, those skills have great emphasis in all educational systems. with proven success and major influence on helping teachers to undertake teaching efficiently and effectively. Teaching skills are classified into three categories: general skills, special skills and performance skills.

First:, general skills: these skills are acquired through teacher’s public life before joining the teaching profession. Patience is one of these skills The most important skill a successful teacher must have, is patience. There will be times when students drive him mad, but he can never allow his emotions to get the better of him, not in front of the students, anyway. Also, to be punctual is an important skill that includes:being on time, turning up with the right materials, producing well-planned lessons with suitable materials. 

Second, special skills:: are linked to organization of the lesson and its objectives and being well-prepared. to answer questions in a clear and concise way. Also, Personality: Being able to create a positive learning atmosphere and develop  good relationships with all students without showing favoritism. Also, having the ability to engage and involve students into the class activities.

Third, performance skills: Such skills are related to performance of the teacher and the standard of efficiency is the ability of the teacher to do the desired behavior, and teacher performance demands the ability to do behavioral tools including multiple dimensions of the whole educational situation.

Finally: The efficiency in the broad sense is the knowledge and mastery of scientific material, as it means an individual's ability to translate what they have learned in life situations of actual like patience and good organization, and building on his own to acquire knowledge in different ways that indicate good performance and operation of the mind in doing his job well.


  1. And it is important to remember that those skills are best acquired if one is dedicated and has the passion to grow and develop in the profession.

  2. These are very helpful if we understand them correctly and practice on them. Although these skills are true but one day they may fall down if we do not update them and develop them to fit the time we are teaching. Also performance skills can be learned and mastered before entering school classrooms, I mean this can be at workshops and training programs.

  3. These characteristics and skills should be in every teacher. Unfortunately not all teachers believe in some of them. They think that their jobs is just about entering a class, explaining the lesson in lecture form and leave. This is why it is very important to have workshops and training programs as Omar said, to induce these qualities in teachers. In my opinion, Teaching Diploma should be a prerequisite for all teachers before they enter the field of teaching, to learn about all the skills that you have mentioned in this post, as each an every skills is as important as the other.